Miranda J. Lubbers

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This paper describes an empirical comparison of four specifications of the exponential family of random graph models (ERGM), distinguished by model specification (dyadic independence, Markov, partial conditional dependence) and, for the Markov model, by estimation method (Maximum Pseudolikelihood, Maximum Likelihood). This was done by reanalyzing 102(More)
This paper discusses and illustrates various approaches for the longitudinal analysis of personal networks (multilevel analysis, regression analysis, and SIENA). We combined the different types of analyses in a study of the changing personal networks of immigrants. Data were obtained from 25 Argentineans in Spain, who were interviewed twice in a 2-year(More)
We propose a method to visually summarize collections of networks on which a clustering of the vertices is given. Our method allows for efficient comparison of individual networks, as well as for visualizing the average composition and structure of a set of networks. As a concrete application we analyze a set of several hundred personal networks of(More)
Over the last decade, the tourist destination of Lloret de Mar (Gerona, Spain) has experienced an increasing concentration of souvenir stores owned by a population of Indian origin. Although Lloret de Mar is already a multicultural spot, Indians represent a small minority in Spain. In order to explain such a remarkable concentration and economic(More)
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