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This summary is based on a systematic review of studies designed to investigate whether and how collaborative Continuing Professional Development (CPD) affected both teaching and learning. The reviewers defined Collaborative CPD as teachers working with at least one other related professional on a sustained basis. The review offers insights into a number of(More)
Outbreaks of Q fever continue to be recorded in abattoirs despite a protective vaccine being available. All accredited abattoirs in Queensland were surveyed to ascertain the number that conducted Q fever vaccination programs. Only ten of the 30 abattoirs had vaccination programs. Vaccination programs were present at all abattoirs with more than 360(More)
A questionnaire that pertains to sexual attitudes and behaviors, family relationships, and marihuana usage was administered to 358 undergraduates at Wichita State University. A factor analysis performed upon the results yielded 12 factors related to sexual behavior: (1) Liberal vs. Conservative Attitudes; (2) Age-Experience; (3) Symbolic Sexual(More)
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