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Perception of microbial signal molecules is part of the strategy evolved by plants to survive attacks by potential pathogens. To gain a more complete understanding of the early signaling events involved in these responses, we used fungal components of Fusarium under in vitro condition and checked the rise in signal molecule, salicylic acid (SA), and marker(More)
Superior mesenteric artery aneurysms (SMAAs) are visceral arterial aneurysms that can result from a variety of conditions. About half of SMAAs are mycotic and occur subsequent to infective endocarditis. The clinical presentation of SMAA is nonspecific, and some patients may be asymptomatic while others may report mild to severe abdominal pain. Herein, we(More)
Plant immunization is the process of activating natural defense system present in plant induced by biotic or abiotic factors. Plants are pre-treated with inducing agents stimulate plant defense responses that form chemical or physical barriers that are used against the pathogen invasion. Inducers used usually give the signals to rouse the plant defense(More)
How do people revise their beliefs once an item of evidence is discredited? Do they simply return to the belief states they had prior to acquiring that false information, or does the change propagate more widely through their belief network? For example, when the testimony of a key witness is shown to be fabricated, how does this affect jurors' beliefs(More)
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