Mirai Azuma

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A broad-specificity delta 9 desaturase gene was cloned from the cyanobacterium Anacystis nidulans. The enzyme introduces a cis-double bond at the delta 9 position of both 16 and 18 carbon saturated fatty acids linked to many kinds of membrane lipids. The gene was stably introduced into tobacco plants under transcriptional control of the cauliflower mosaic(More)
Synthetic urea derivatives such as N-phenyl-N'-(4-pyridyl)urea (4PU) and N-(2-chloro-4-pyridyl)-N'-phenylurea (4PU30) have strong cytokinin activities. Using tritiated 4PU30 as a probe, we previously established the presence of a cytokinin-specific binding protein (CSBP) of high affinity (Ka for 4PU30 = 4x10(10) M(-1)) in the soluble fraction of etiolated(More)
The InMYB1 gene in Japanese morning glory (Ipomoea nil) is a member of the MYB transcription factor family. The promoter of InMYB1 has been reported to induce petal-specific gene expression in Arabidopsis and Eustoma, and has the same function in several other dicotyledonous plants. Most flowers consist of sepals, petals, stamens and a carpel, whose(More)
Production of novel transgenic floricultural crops with altered petal properties requires transgenes that confer a useful trait and petal-specific promoters. Several promoters have been shown to control transgenes in petals. However, all suffer from inherent drawbacks such as low petal specificity and restricted activity during the flowering stage. In(More)
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