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The evolution of modern communication technologies and widespread use of mobile phones enable their common use in numerous everyday applications. This paper describes the implementation of a system, which enables the use of phones for acquiring electronic public transport ticket. QR codes and RFID tags are used for registering passenger at the beginning and(More)
In the project “RFID from Farm to Fork” an implementation of RFID technologies will be used along the food supply chain: from farm to the consumer. The paper is intended to highlight two examples of how to define farmed fish traceability system suitable for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The first one presents a change from a(More)
With continuous rise of table grapes consumption and increased public awareness of food safety, the quality control of grapes in storage after purchase is not sufficiently examined. Home storage constitutes the last and important stage in grape supply chain. Literature review shows that few researches on grape quality focus on the home storage stage(More)
In this paper, we argue that the determining aspect of the `Internet of Things' (IoT) is the accessibility of `things' on the global Internet, as opposed to a simple interconnection of networked `things'. We observe that most reported applications of the `Internet of Things' would be more accurately described as `Intranets of Things'. In large part due to(More)
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