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  • A . P ELLIZZONI, Maria Ilia, +59 authors G . F . B IGNAMI
  • 2009
Using gamma-ray data collected by the AGILE satellite over a period of almost one year (from 2007 July to 2008 June), we searched for pulsed signal from 35 potentially interesting radio pulsars, ordered according to Fγ ∝ √ Ėd−2 and for which contemporary or recent radio data were available. AGILE detected 3 new topranking nearby and Vela-like pulsars with(More)
This paper presents a dual-modulus ÷128÷129 prescaler operating up to 2.5 GHz. It consumes only 3.8 mW from a 2.3 V supply when driving an 8 pF capacitive load. The circuit is operational with supplies ranging from 2 V to over 7 V. With a 2 V supply it consumes only 1.38 mA while still operating up to 2 GHz. The circuit is manufactured in a(More)
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