Mira Rest

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This paper presents recent advances in circuit design which evaluate the high-speed and low-power potential of state-of-the-art CMOS and SiGe bipolar technologies. In 0.13 /spl mu/m CMOS a 17 GHz ISM/WLAN RF front-end with only 130 mW power consumption is described. An injection locked frequency divider with a power consumption as low as 3 mW at 40 GHz is(More)
This paper presents a dual-modulus ÷128÷129 prescaler operating up to 2.5 GHz. It consumes only 3.8 mW from a 2.3 V supply when driving an 8 pF capacitive load. The circuit is operational with supplies ranging from 2 V to over 7 V. With a 2 V supply it consumes only 1.38 mA while still operating up to 2 GHz. The circuit is manufactured in a(More)
A SiGe bipolar technology for high frequency applications is presented. A transit frequency of 206 GHz, a maximum oscillation frequency of 200 GHz and a ring oscillator gate delay time of 3.9 ps have been obtained. With a 110 GHz dynamic frequency divider, a 86 GHz static frequency divider, a 52 GHz dual modulus 256/257 prescaler and a 98 GHz VCO state of(More)
Recently, CMOS has been demonstrated to be a viable technology for wireless communications and very-high-bit-rate broadband circuit design at over 10 Gb/s in highly integrated systems. This paper presents advances in circuit design which fully exploit the high-speed potential of a 0.13 /spl mu/m standard CMOS technology up to 40 Gb/s and 50 GHz. The(More)
Monolithic integrated lumped planar transformers were introduced more than ten years ago. We present a comprehensive review of the electrical characteristics which results in an accurate lumped low-order equivalent model. Amplifiers, mixers and Meissner-type voltage controlled oscilla-tors using monolithic transformers have been published a few years ago.(More)
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