Mira Mooreville

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OBJECTIVE Determine the association of children's susceptibility to large food portion sizes with appetite regulation and obesity. METHODS Normal-weight and obese non-Hispanic black children (n = 100) aged 5-6 years were observed in four dinner conditions of varying portion size; portions of all foods (except milk) offered were: 100% (677 kcal), 150%(More)
Background:Both insufficiency and resistance to the actions of the adipocyte-derived hormone leptin promote hunger, increased food intake and greater body weight. Some studies suggest that adults reporting binge eating have increased serum leptin compared with those without binge eating, even after adjusting for the greater adiposity that characterizes(More)
The mucopolysaccharide layer produced by the transitional cells coating the bladder plays an important role in the defense mechanism of the lower urinary tract. Carbenoxolone, a drug derived from licorice, has been shown to be beneficial to patients with peptic ulcer disease by stimulating increased mucous production in the stomach. Since the bladder(More)
PURPOSE Implantation of penile prosthetic cylinders into scarred corpora remains a challenge in the field of prosthetic urology. We describe a new penile cavernotome, which allows for easier dilation of fibrotic corpora cavernosa and facilitates inflatable penile prosthesis cylinder insertion. MATERIALS AND METHODS A set of 5 cavernotomes between 6 and 13(More)
The glycolipids of the P blood groups have been isolated from human urothelial cells and have proved to be likely receptor sites for Escherichia coli. The presence or absence of these antigens may be a factor influencing the adherence of bacteria to the urothelial cells. Therefore, an experimental group of 27 infection-prone premenopausal women, ranging in(More)
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