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This rich collection of case studies by design educators critically explores the current practice of service-learning in architecture, landscape design, and urban planning, radically revising the standard protocol for university-community collaborations. The pedagogical framework advanced by the authors offers a set of examples, ideas, and guidelines that(More)
A coupled channel model is used to study the nature of the f 0 (980) resonance. It is shown that the existence of two poles close to K ¯ K threshold, as found in many data fits and confirmed here, can be reconciled with the K ¯ K molecular origin of the f 0 (980). Due to a strong coupling between channels the number of the S-matrix poles close to the(More)
We study pp annihilation at rest into πφ and γφ. and ρ + ρ − for pp → πφ states is sizable, of order (0.90 to 2.6) × 10 −4 in the branching ratio, but smaller than experiment. For pp → γφ the rescattering contributions are negligible, but the γφ channel is well explained by a ρφ intermediate state combined with vector meson dominance.
We evaluate three meson doorway mechanisms for nucleon-antinucleon annihilation at rest for the first time. Detailed results are presented for the final state φπ 0 originating from the 3 S 1 initial state and for the φρ channel originating from 1 S 0. The results presented also include the improved contributions from two meson doorway states and from the(More)
Two lipase methods, the method for the aca (DuPont) and the method according to Myrick (1976) Thesis, Birmingham Al.) (Calbiochem-Behring), were compared with the lipase method of Rick (1969) Z. Klin. Chem. Klin. Biochem. 7, 530--539) and with the amylase determination. The diagnostic value of the aca method, the amylase and the lipase method of Rick were(More)
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