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Development, evolution and maintenance of SOA-based systems demands rethinking of the traditional roles for performing these activities. The key objective of this paper is to present preliminary ideas on the roles required for developing, evolving and maintaining SOA-based systems and to suggest a framework for areas of needed research.
Even if most of the software process transitions have been made with the goal of improving software processes, only few experience reports recognize process transition as an important element of software process improvement. This paper reports on a developer-driven Big-Bang process transition from Scrum to Kanban, and recognizes it as part of process(More)
Transitioning from one development method to another has become a common routine for many companies. Despite this, very few reports describe how the process transition has been carried out, and provide suggestions for how to define a process transition model. This paper reports on a process transition from Scrum to Scrumban in one software development(More)