Mira Kajko-Mattsson

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Development, evolution and maintenance of SOA-based systems demands rethinking of the traditional roles for performing these activities. The key objective of this paper is to present preliminary ideas on the roles required for developing, evolving and maintaining SOA-based systems and to suggest a framework for areas of needed research.
Handover of software systems is a critical stage in the system lifecycle. Despite this, it is still an under researched area. In this paper, we have developed an initial taxonomy of activities for software handover. Our taxonomy consists of seven process components where each component clusters logically coherent activities. The process components are(More)
Even if most of the software process transitions have been made with the goal of improving software processes, only few experience reports recognize process transition as an important element of software process improvement. This paper reports on a developer-driven Big-Bang process transition from Scrum to Kanban, and recognizes it as part of process(More)
Four distinct maintenance systems are studied and synthesised: the SE1 quality framework and three industrial systems belonging to ABB, Ellemtel, and Ericsson. The goal is to validate the SE1 framework, and to build a “state of the practice” conceptual model of the most fundamental software maintenance concepts. This model can help understand the underlying(More)
Previous studies show that the agile development models implement very few risk management practices. In this paper, we present and evaluate a model integrating the risk management and agile processes. The results show that the model provides a valid solution to address the lack of risk management, however, only in certain types of agile projects.