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The purpose of documentation is to describe software systems and software processes. Consistent, correct and complete documentation of a software system is an important vehicle for the maintainer to gain its understanding, to ease its learning and/or relearning processes, and to make the system more maintainable. Poor system documentation, on the other(More)
Development, evolution and maintenance of SOA-based systems demands rethinking of the traditional roles for performing these activities. The key objective of this paper is to present preliminary ideas on the roles required for developing, evolving and maintaining SOA-based systems and to suggest a framework for areas of needed research.
A well-functioning process for reporting, analysing and resolving software problems is an important vehicle for establishing and retaining control over the development and maintenance of software products. In this paper, we present such a process, its state of practice and its role within corrective software maintenance. This process is utilised at ABB(More)