Mira Fingler

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UNLABELLED OBJECTIVE, DESIGN AND SETTINGS: The purpose of this randomized, prospective study is to compare the efficacy of two different routes in administering epidural steroid injections interlaminar (IL) vs transforaminal (TF) in patients with unilateral radicular pain. PATIENTS We randomly enrolled and followed 64 patients with chronic radiculopathy.(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic post-traumatic headache (CPH) is a complex clinical entity. The clinical features of CPH are variable and may resemble those of primary headaches (migraine, tension-type headache or cluster headache), as well as of cervicogenic headache. Therefore, the treatment must be individualized according to the headache type. There were few studies(More)
Use of medical preparations having no specific pharmacological activity or dummy procedures administered to patients is known as placebo. Such maneuvers are important in the pain treatment and clinical studies investigating pain mechanisms. Several recent studies have shown that placebo treatment produces measurable psychophysiological effects,(More)
Background and Purpose: Lateral lumbar spinal compression is a common source of lower back and leg pain. Steroids injected around the dura-sac markedly decrease inflammation commonly associated with conditions such as, disc-herniation or s. This study’s goal was to prove how epidural injections of steroids, transforaminal or interlaminar, lead to improved(More)
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