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A liquid chromatographic procedure was developed for the determination of a new antipsychotic agent ziprasidone in plasma using fluorescence detection. A one-step liquid-liquid extraction from 1 ml of alkalinized plasma containing an internal standard alpha-ergocryptine using methyl-t-butyl ether afforded a greater than 84% recovery of ziprasidone.(More)
Antisera of high sensitivity and selectivity were obtained from rabbits immunized with conjugates of hemisuccinylated fluphenazine and porcine thyroglobulin. The antiserum selected (titer 1:6000) for the development of the RIA was obtained after a priming dose and a single iv booster injection three months later. This antiserum had negligible(More)
Plasma growth hormone (GH) concentrations were determined every 20 minutes during sleep in 71 prepubertal children: 22 had endogenous major depressive disorder, 20 had nonendogenous major depressive disorder, 21 had nondepressed neurotic disorders, and eight were normal. Both depressive groups secreted significantly more GH during sleep than did controls.(More)
A simple radioimmunoassay (RIA) for the direct quantitation of plasma dexamethasone (DEX) at the picogram level has been developed. An antiserum with high specificity and avidity was obtained by the immunization of a carefully synthesized dexamethasone-21-succinyl-thyroglobulin with a high incorporation ratio. As little as 1 pg of DEX in 50 microL of plasma(More)
where λ = wavelength of light, θ1 = illumination angle, θ2 = ob­ servation angle, and pi is defined by J0(pi) = 0. The displacement of a vibrating plate may be described either as flexure or as flexure superimposed on a piston motion. We have observed fringes on a plate that moves as a flexing piston. When the plate is vibrating in a flexural mode only,(More)
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