Mir Shahriar Emami

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Software process engineering has been the challenging in the past 40 years, in the sense that it has been the underpinning of software engineering. On the other hand it has been one of the fundamental and much importance notions in this field; however, the improvement of software process has been the most challenging in software engineering. In the sense,(More)
A novel lossless watermarking image authentication technique is proposed in this paper. The proposed method allows exact recovery of the original information from the image without loss in their quality. For authenticating the information, a well known Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is utilized. The ECC method authenticates the information by generating(More)
There are several digital watermarking metrics proposed by researchers. These metrics can determine the robustness and the imperceptibility of watermarking schemes discretely. Here, there is a lack of an effective strategy to evaluate the balanced trade-off between these requirements. Meanwhile, it is hardly possible to determine crisp thresholds to limit(More)
Digital watermarking process must be fast enough especially for real-time applications like digital cameras. This research focuses on spatial-domain watermarking techniques for digital image owner identification in order to design a robust and low computation approach which can withstand against different levels of reset removal attack which have been less(More)
The change has already begun. It is not a simple change but a revolution in the sense of speed and its impact. In this paper we are going to discuss on quantum computer as a physical system and discuss on its main weakness and then based on our new approach we have solved a problem for finding the minimum or the maximum of a set of integers which has not(More)
Now a days probabilistic approach can be a convenient solution for solving many of the problems especially the problems with high time complexity like as knapsack problem. In this paper I present a new quantum computation approach based on learning strategy and greedy approach for solving the zero and one knapsack problem with polynomial time complexity(More)
In this paper we evaluate our presented Quantum Approach for finding the Estimation of the Length of the Shortest Path in a Connected Weighted Graph which is achieved with a polynomial time complexity about O(n) and as a result of evaluation we show that the Probability of Success of our presented Quantum Approach is increased if the Standard Deviation of(More)
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