Miquel Monrás

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE We aimed to analyze the mortality, and emergency room and hospital admissions in a sample of alcohol dependent patients during the four years following their identification in a general hospital. PATIENTS AND METHOD 198 inpatients from a general hospital who where identified as alcohol dependent and referred during 1998 to the(More)
INTRODUCTION Alcoholic cirrhosis is one of the most common indications for liver transplantation (LT) in western countries. A major concern about transplant patients due to alcoholic liver disease (ALD) is alcoholic recidivism. Data concerning psycho-social characteristics of patients with 6 months of abstinence at initial evaluation for LT is scarce.(More)
Apolipoprotein E epsilon4 and ACE genes have been related to several conditions involving cognitive impairment, including Alzheimer's disease, normal ageing and cerebrovascular disease. However, it has not been established whether their genotypes are associated with alcoholism or its cognitive functioning. Genotypic distributions of 140 chronic alcoholic(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate personality in transsexuals. The Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI) profiles of 166 male-to-female (MF) and 88 female-to-male (FM) transsexuals were compared with those of a control group of males and females. MF and FM transsexuals scored significantly lower than males and females in RD4 (more independent) and(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Group therapy (GT) is considered a cornerstone in the treatment of alcohol dependence. Increasing numbers of foreigners are accessing alcohol treatment facilities, but efficacy of TG in those patients has not been studied. This work focuses on the influence of ethnicity and language in the compliance of GT. PATIENTS AND METHOD(More)
INTRODUCTION Alcoholic patients show a high mortality rate. We know about the increased mortality of outpatients following specialized treatment for alcohol abuse and inpatients with organic diseases related to alcohol, but it is not clear whether alcoholics with a comorbid psychiatric profile also die prematurely. OBJECTIVE To investigate clinical(More)
Liver transplantation is the only effective treatment for advanced cirrhosis. Nevertheless, the number of potential recipients far exceeds that of available donors. Therefore, liver transplant candidates must be carefully selected to optimize donor utilization. Candidate selection is complex in patients with addictive and/or psychopathological disorders.(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Although the characteristics of personality have been scarcely investigated in alcoholic patients who are candidates for liver transplantation (LT), a psychopathological evaluation is necessary in them. PATIENTS AND METHOD The personality questionnaire Mini-Mult was administered to 53 alcoholic and 20 non-alcoholic patients who(More)
INTRODUCTION Alcohol consumption is a major cause of traffic accidents, so that stricter laws have been enacted to avoid it. Despite this, there are still persons who break the law and go to prison because of driving under the effects of alcohol. We have investigated if these persons are occasionally alcohol drinkers or if they are alcoholics with difficult(More)