Miquel Marqués

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Long-term and experimental approaches were used to examine the metabolic balance of the planktonic community in the Bay of Blanes (Spanish Mediterranean). Incubation measurements at weekly intervals for 6 yr revealed that community respiration, R, was consistently larger than gross primary production (GPP) by a factor of 2. The plankton community was net(More)
A set of eight large (20 m3) mesocosms were moored in Johnson’s Dock (62839.5769S, 60822.4089W, Livingston Island, Antarctica) to experimentally generate a gradient of phytoplankton biomass and production in order to test the extent of coupling between bacteria (heterotrophic Bacteria and Archaea) and phytoplankton, as well as the role of bacterial losses(More)
We report low-frequency high-resolution Raman spectroscopy and ab-initio calculations on dense lithium from 40 to 200 GPa at low temperatures. Our experimental results reveal rich first-order Raman activity in the metallic and semiconducting phases of lithium. The computed Raman frequencies are in excellent agreement with the measurements. Free energy(More)
Experimentally, we have found that among the "complicated" phases of potassium at intermediate pressures is one which has the same space group as the double hexagonal-close-packed structure, although its atomic coordination is completely different. Calculations on this P6(3)/mmc (hP4) structure as a function of pressure show three isostructural transitions(More)
An experimental study of a with frequency selective feedback ( ) is reported. We show that we can force the laser to emit in its fundamental transverse mode or in a higher order transverse mode and that we can also control the polarization emitted in the fundamental one. We obtain single fundamental mode operation within a large range of injection current(More)
Ab initio random structure searching and single-crystal x-ray diffraction have been used to determine the full structures of three phases of lithium, recently discovered at low temperature above 60 GPa. A structure with C2mb symmetry, calculated to be a poor metal, is proposed for the oC88 phase (60-65 GPa). The oC40 phase (65-95 GPa) is found to have a(More)
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