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Seventy nine strains of Yersinia enterocolitica resistant to one or more antimicrobials were analyzed for integrons. Only class 1 sul1 integrons containing aadA1a (28 strains), aadA1a-dfr1-sat1 (2 strains), and dfr1-aadA1a (1 strain) gene cassettes were found. The first two types were found in clinical isolates belonging to serotype O:3, biotypes 2 to 4,(More)
A series of 74 Yersinia enterocolitica clinical strains collected in a Spanish region and 10 reference strains, assigned to nine serotypes and five biotypes, were analyzed by ribotyping procedures. Riboprobing, performed separately with HindIII and BglI and using an rrn operon as the probe, generated 13 and 11 ribotypes (discrimination index [DI] = 0.56 and(More)
BACKGROUND Retrospective study of the Salmonella sp. strains and human salmonellosis episodes registered in the Public Health Laboratory of the Principado de Asturias, Spain, over the seven year period 1990-1996. MATERIAL AND METHODS All strains were serotyped; strains of serotypes Typhi and Typhimurium were also phage typed. The strains were grouped(More)
RESUM Es defineix l'expansió general d'operadors com una combinació lineal de projectors i s'exposa la seva aplicació generalitzada al cilcul d'integrals moleculars. Com a exemple numbric, es fa I'aplicació al cilcul d'integrals de repulsió electrbnica entre quatre funcions de tipus s centrades en punts diferents, i es mostren tant resultats del cilcul com(More)
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