Miquel Huix-Rotllant

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We report and characterize ground-state and excited-state potential energy profiles using a variety of electronic structure methods along a loop lying on the branching plane associated with a conical intersection (CI) of a reduced retinal model, the penta-2,4-dieniminium cation (PSB3). Whereas the performance of the equation-of-motion coupled-cluster,(More)
Quantum-chemical computational methods are benchmarked for their ability to describe conical intersections in a series of organic molecules and models of biological chromophores. Reference results for the geometries, relative energies, and branching planes of conical intersections are obtained using ab initio multireference configuration interaction with(More)
Keywords: Time-dependent density-functional theory Exchange-correlation kernel Adiabatic approximation Frequency dependence Many-body perturbation theory Excited states Organic chromophores a b s t r a c t Almost all time-dependent density-functional theory (TDDFT) calculations of excited states make use of the adiabatic approximation, which implies a(More)
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