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We present a criterion that provides an easy sufficient condition in order that a collection of Abelian integrals has the Chebyshev property. This condition involves the functions in the integrand of the Abelian integrals and can be checked, in many cases, in a purely algebraic way. By using this criterion, several known results are obtained in a shorter(More)
I. Theoretical derivation of synchronization equations for two anharmonic oscillators We start with the slow time equation[1] for two oscillators with two feedback[2, 3] terms: one which is common to both oscillators (fc), and one that affects the corresponding oscillator only (fi, i=1,2). These are í µí±‘í µí°´̃ 1 í µí±‘í µí±‡ − í µí±– (í µí»¿ 1 2 + í µí¼†(More)
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