Miquel Casals

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OBJECTIVES Ultrasound-guided puncture is indispensable for the injection of local anesthetic in the interfascial space, the space between 2 muscle fasciae. Interfascial infiltration or block may be useful in treating myofascial pain in the trapezius muscle. METHODS (1) In 5 cadavers, we studied the diffusion of a physiological saline and latex solution in(More)
INTRODUCTION Research and practice have demonstrated that decisions made prior to work at construction sites can influence construction worker safety. However, it has also been argued that most architects and design engineers possess neither the knowledge of construction safety nor the knowledge of construction processes necessary to effectively perform(More)
Building sector is contributing to the 36% of the C02 emissions in Europe, and consurning the 40% of final energy consurnption. In this context this paper presents a new approach developed under the ENCOURAGE project to carry out the user awareness. The proposed user awareness is based on a set of KPls, and done at two levels: energy mangers and university(More)
Knowledge management (KM) has been studied extensively in recent years. Some consider knowledge to be the most strategically important resource for any company, but the fragmented, project-based and task-oriented nature of construction work makes it more difficult to implement KM in this sector. This paper presents a survey of perceptions of KM(More)
In recent years, a growing concern has been how to determine the actual thermal behaviour of façades in their operational stage, in order to establish appropriate energysaving measures. This paper aims at comparing standardized methods for obtaining the actual thermal transmittance of existing buildings’ façades, specifically the average method and the(More)
Clients’ lack of involvement in defining quality requirements for dwellings built by developers leads to a perception of poor quality at the time of purchase. The research presented in this paper aims to broaden previous research on defects by analyzing the defects that remain in the post-handover stage, which usually lasts 12 months after the handover(More)
In Spain, the high levels of inexperienced workers and the long chains of subcontracting contribute to poor quality of dwellings. Although the Ley reguladora de la subcontratación en el Sector de la Construcción (Subcontracting law) has established quality measures, the number of customer complaints is still increasing. In this paper, a total of 2351(More)
This paper presents an innovative approach to implementing integrated environmental and health and safety management systems in construction companies. It focuses on the sub-system for operational control of on-site environmental impacts and health and safety risks. The high compatibility between the operational control requirements that are stated in ISO(More)