Miquel A. Senar

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. We address the problem of how many workers should be allocated for executing a distributed application that follows the master-worker paradigm, and how to assign tasks to workers in order to maximize resource efficiency and minimize application execution time. We propose a simple but effective scheduling strategy that dynamically measures the execution(More)
The DASUD (Diffusion Algorithm Searching Unbalanced Domains) algorithm belongs to the nearestneighbours class and operates in a diffusion scheme where a processor balances its load with all its neighbours. DASUD detects unbalanced domains and performs local exchange of load between processors to achieve global balancing. The DASUD algorithm has been(More)
We give a general model of partially asynchronous, distributed load-balancing algorithms for the discrete load model in parallel computers, where the processor loads are treated as non-negative integers. We prove that all load-balancing algorithms in this model are finite. This means that all load-balancing algorithms based on this model are guaranteed to(More)
One of the main goals of the CrossGrid Project [1] is to provide explicit support to parallel and interactive computeand dataintensive applications. The CrossBroker job manager provides services as part of the CrossGrid middleware and allows execution of parallel MPI applications on Grid resources in a transparent and automatic way. This document describes(More)
A fundamental problem in large scale Grids is the need for efficient and scalable techniques for resource discovery and scheduling. In traditional resource scheduling systems a single scheduler handles information about all computing resources and schedules jobs. This centralized approach has a serious scalability problem, since it introduces a bottleneck,(More)
Resource management systems and tool support are two important factors for efficiently developing applications in large clusters. On the one hand, management systems (in the form of batch queue systems) are responsible for all issues related to executing jobs on the existing machines. On the other hand, run-time tools (in the form of debuggers, tracers,(More)