Miodrag Zivkovic

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For those n < 5000, for which the factorization of 2 n − 1 is known, the first primitive trinomial (if such exists) and a randomly generated primitive 5– and 7–nomial of degree n in GF(2) are given. A primitive polynomial of degree n over GF(2) is useful for generating a pseudo–random sequence of n–tuples of zeros and ones, see [8]. If the polynomial has a(More)
The Frankl's conjecture, formulated in 1979. and still open, states that in every family of sets closed for unions there is an element contained in at least half of the sets. FC-families are families for which it is proved that every union-closed family containing them satisfies the Frankl's condition (e.g., in every union-closed family that contains a(More)
Denote by A n the set of square (0, 1) matrices of order n. The set A n , n ≤ 8, is partitioned into row/column permutation equivalence classes enabling derivation of various facts by simple counting. For example, the number of regular (0, 1) matrices of order 8 is 10160459763342013440. Let D n , S n denote the set of absolute determinant values and Smith(More)
MIODRAGŽIVKOVI´C Abstract. We consider some problems, the solution of which requires a massive computation. One of them is the question: are there infinitely many primes of the form P n i=1 (−1) n−i i!? Another interesting problem is to determine the set of absolute values of (0, 1) determinants of order n, for n as large as possible. The question is(More)