Miodrag Zivkovic

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The Frankl’s conjecture, formulated in 1979. and still open, states that in every family of sets closed for unions there is an element contained in at least half of the sets. FC-families are families for which it is proved that every union-closed family containing them satisfies the Frankl’s condition (e.g., in every union-closed family that contains a(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are formed by hundreds and thousands of small sensors, communicating between themselves by means of wireless communication. Due to large scale of these networks and expensive deployment, simulation is the method of choice in many projects that study and analyze the performance of a sensor network. A great number of simulators(More)
A quantitative Dream Test score is defined as the ratio of the number of the key dream words selected by a subject and given a plus sign to the number of the dream words given minus sign as is done on the Initial-letter Word-association Test. The mean quantitative Dream Test score is 2+/3- with a slight prevalence of minus over plus signs and the mean(More)
Random bijective S-box generation methods are considered. An alternative S-box generation method by forming compositions of permutations from some fixed set is proposed. Experiments show that the rate of acceptable S-boxes for all the methods considered is essentially the same. The advantage of the composition method is an obvious parametrization, with the(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of our study was to investigate the influence of breathing oxygen under high pressure on potential prooxidative activity in diabetic patients with serious vascular complications. MATERIAL AND METHODS 24 patients with diabetes mellitus type 2, were divided into two groups, 12 patients each, by degree of peripheral vascular(More)
BACKGROUND The most important predictors of long-term survival in patients with cardiac ischemic disease are left ventricular ejection fraction, left ventricular volumes, infarction size, presence and extent of residual myocardial ischemia. One of the most important recent developments in single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) myocardial(More)
The quotient of the mean quantitative score on Initial-letter Word-association Test for 193 normal subjects was significantly higher than the quotient of the mean quantitative score of 44 abnormal (psychotic) subjects. This is interpreted as meaning that, in general, the normal subjects have predominantly a positive attitude towards their surrounding world(More)
An additional scoring method is based on grouping test-words according to whether the same sign is given by subjects to the test-words. In this way five test-word categories are formed, Eros (test-words with double plus signs), demi-Eros (single plus sign), demi-Thanatos (single minus), Thanatos (double minus), and Deviant (+/- and theta signs). The next(More)