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TRAIL/Apo-2L has shown promise as an anti-glioma drug, based on investigations of TRAIL sensitivity in established glioma cell lines, but it is not known how accurately TRAIL signalling pathways of glioma cells in vivo are reproduced in these cell lines in vitro. To replicate as closely as possible the in vivo behaviour of malignant glioma cells, 17 early(More)
Chemotherapy and radiotherapy commonly damage DNA and trigger p53-dependent apoptosis through intrinsic apoptotic pathways. Two unfortunate consequences of this mechanism are resistance due to blockade of p53 or intrinsic apoptosis pathways, and mutagenesis of non-malignant surviving cells which can impair cellular function or provoke second malignancies.(More)
Testing a point (sharp) null hypothesis is arguably the most widely used statistical inferential procedure in many fields of scientific research, nevertheless, the most controversial, and misapprehended. Since 1935 when Buchanan-Wollaston raised the first criticism against hypothesis testing, this foundational field of statistics has drawn increasingly(More)
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