Mio Nagatoshi

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As a fundamental study of the helmet antenna for disasters operated at 150 MHz, a circular planar folded dipole antenna has been examined. To begin with the helmet antenna structure is constituted by bending a dipole antenna into the shape of the circle on the plane for simplicity. As a result, it is made clear that adjusting the impedance of the helmet(More)
A planar folded dipole antenna (PFDA) with a feed line which has approximately one-eleventh wavelength to a small terminal for WiMAX has been reported [1]. In this study, in order for MIMO to be introduced, we investigate antenna configurations of a monopole antenna and MIMO array antennas on a small ground plane. It is made clear that a monopole antenna(More)
Various types of planar folded dipole antenna with a feed line are introduced and analyzed theoretically and experimentally. By adjusting the length of the feed line, the antennas have broadband characteristics. The downsizing of the antenna including a feed line is studied and its characteristics are also analyzed.
In the paper, we have shown that averaging the radiation patterns over several distances between two antennas is useful in order to reduce the influence of reflection waves, using simulation software FEKO. In the conditions with and without reflection waves we simulate the radiation patterns of the biconical antenna (the operation band is from 30 MHz to 300(More)
In this paper, we have studied on application of PFDA with feed line to a small terminal for WiMAX. It has been confirmed that the characteristics of PFDA are not affected by the ground plane, and miniaturization of the feed line is possible by changing the parameter wa<sub>2</sub> and wf. Also, when wa<sub>2</sub> and wf are changed to 10 mm, the proposed(More)
In this study, fundamental characteristics of MIMO antennas are investigated using two types of folded monopole antennas (FMA) in order to cover more operational frequency bands of WiMAX. To increase the number of resonant frequencies, parasitic elements are used. As a result, one type of FMA could satisfy the two bands of WiMAX, and the other type of FMA(More)