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Vertical partitioning is the process of subdividing the attributes of a relation or a record type, creating fragments. Previous approaches have used an iterative binary partitioning method which is based on clustering algorithms and mathematical cost functions. In this paper, however, we propose a new vertical partitioning algorithm using a graphical(More)
We deene mixed fragmentation as a process of simultaneously applying the horizontal and vertical fragmentation on a relation. It can be achieved in one of two ways: by performing horizontal fragmentation followed by vertical fragmentation or by performing vertical fragmentation followed by horizontal fragmentation. The need for mixed fragmentation arises in(More)
Ontology is generally defined as an explicit specification of conceptualization which involves the exploration of concepts and its relationships in the domain of interest. Ontology is used to share knowledge across semantic web services, agents and information systems. Therefore the ontology engineer should follow a methodology during the ontology(More)
Recently, there has been a growing need for research to manage the knowledge of an organization effectively using ontology. To increase the effect of knowledge management, the development of a well-defined ontology using various concepts about the knowledge of an organization is needed. There are two approaches in the current methodology for ontology(More)
Recently, ontology has been utilized as a crucial element in knowledge management and knowledge representation. In the military area, the importance of ontology is also increasing. If military ontology is provided, machines will be able to understand and automatically manage information from various military information systems. Hence, how to construct and(More)
The purpose of this research is to construct a military ontology as the core element for implementing the intelligent Army Tactical Command Information System (ATCIS). Using the military ontology, the system can automatically understand and manage the meaning of military information in the system, and hence it can provide a commander with military knowledge(More)
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