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We address the problem of tracking and recognizing faces in real-world, noisy videos. We track faces using a tracker that adaptively builds a target model reflecting changes in appearance, typical of a video setting. However, adaptive appearance trackers often suffer from drift, a gradual adaptation of the tracker to non-targets. To alleviate this problem,(More)
This paper presents a new run-time power management technique for real-time embedded systems which consist of a voltage scalable processor and power controllable peripheral devices. We have observed that there exist significant trade-offs in terms of energy consumption between the Dynamic Power Management (DPM) scheme and the Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS)(More)
We collected influent and effluent samples from four sewage treatment plants (STPs) as well as surface water samples in Han River of Seoul, Korea, in three sampling events representing different flow conditions, i.e., April, June, and August, 2005, and analyzed for eleven pharmaceuticals including acetaminophen, caffeine, carbamazepine, cimetidine,(More)
Traditional dynamical systems used for motion tracking cannot effectively handle high dimensionality of the motion states and composite dynamics. In this paper, to address both issues simultaneously, we propose the marriage of the switching dynamical system and recent Gaussian Process Dynamic Models (GPDM), yielding a new model called the switching GPDM(More)
Real-time multimedia applications are increasingly being mapped onto MPSoC (multiprocessor system-on-chip) platforms containing hardware--software IPs (intellectual property), along with a library of common scheduling policies such as EDF, RM. The choice of a scheduling policy for each IP is a key decision that greatly affects the design's ability to meet(More)
We propose a new distributed and parallel meta-heuristic framework to address the issues of scalability and robustness in the optimization problem. The proposed framework, named PADO (Parallel And Distributed Optimization framework), can utilize heterogeneous computing and communication resources to achieve scalable speedup while maintaining high solution(More)
Increasing exponentially with each technology generation, hardware-induced soft errors pose a significant threat for the reliability of mobile multimedia devices. Since traditional hardware error protection techniques incur significant power and performance overheads, this paper proposes a cross-layer cooperative approach that exploits existing error(More)
Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease caused by bacteria. In periodontitis, reactive oxygen species (ROS) are released from inflammatory cells in response to bacteria. Interleukin (IL)-8 is one of pro-inflammatory cytokines. To investigate the role of ROS in pathogenesis of periodontitis, we estimated the effect of H2O2, one of ROS, on the expression of(More)