Minyan Xu

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IL-37 is a potent inhibitor of innate immunity by shifting the cytokine equilibrium away from excessive inflammation. Psoriasis is thought to be initiated by abnormal interactions between the cutaneous keratinocytes and systemic immune cells, triggering keratinocyte hyperproliferation. In the current study, we assessed IL-37 in two well-known psoriasis(More)
Antibody class switching is achieved by recombinations between switch (S) regions which consist of tandemly repeated sequences located 5' to Ig heavy chain constant (CH) region genes. RNA transcripts from specific unrearranged or germ-line Ig CH genes are induced in IgM+ B cells prior to their undergoing class switch recombination to the same CH genes.(More)
Ig isotype switching in B lymphocytes is preceded by transcription of the corresponding unrearranged, or germ-line (GL), CH gene. The promoter of mouse GL C gamma 1 transcripts has been shown to be located within a 349-bp KpnI/Bg/II fragment, extending from -147 to +202 bp relative to the first transcription initiation site. By the electrophoretic mobility(More)
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