Minyan Liao

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Security and efficient data dissemination over wireless network has been the focus of research in academic, military and commercial domains for many years. Unfortunately, proposed security solutions for data dissemination over wireless network are not efficient enough. In this work, a novel security and efficient data dissemination scheme which integrates(More)
OBJECTIVES Mucosal atomization device (MAD) was designed to increase the bioavailability of intranasal medications by facilitating absorption, the present study aimed to evaluate and compare the sedation effects of intranasal dexmedetomidine delivered as drops versus sprays on pediatric responses to intravenous cannulation. METHODS One hundred and six(More)
Fountain codes, such as LT (Luby transform) codes have been practical techniques for communication over wireless networks. RSD (Robust Soliton degree Distribution) is a key component of LT codes. However, LT codes do not make use of feedback. SLT (Shifted LT) codes have shown benefit by shifting RSD based on the number of recovered input symbols. However,(More)
Fountain codes are becoming increasingly important for data transferring over dedicated high-speed long-distance network. However, the encoding and decoding complexity of traditional fountain codes such as LT and Raptor codes are still high. In this paper, a new fountain codes named LRF (Loss Rate Based Fountain) codes for data transfer is proposed. In(More)
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