Minyan Hong

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The chemical composition of small organic molecules is often very similar to amino acid side chains or the bases in nucleic acids, and hence there is no a priori reason why amolecular mechanics force field could not describe both organic liquids and biomolecules with a single parameter set. Here, we devise a benchmark for force fields in order to test the(More)
Sensor networks are being deployed in a range of different environments, such as industry plants, rainforests and offices. Each environment has its own characteristics and the appropriate communication strategy will differ accordingly – packet sizes, retransmission schemes, error correcting codes, etc. It is, however, difficult to investigate the most(More)
The performance of wireless sensor networks is heavily influenced by the surrounding environment. Hence, in different scenarios different communication strategies, i.e., different packet sizes or retransmission strategies etc., are preferable. There are, however, currently no appropriate methods to investigate the optimal strategy. Analysis and simulation(More)
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