Minwoo Son

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—The next stage of the home networking environment is supposed to be ubiquitous, where each piece of material is equipped with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag. To fully support the ubiquitous environment, home networking middleware should be able to recommend home services based on a user's interests and efficiently manage information on(More)
Ubiquitous digital libraries are being developed with various web-based services. For the most part, these liraries support only searching, lending, and reservation services for users. However, the focus of a library's service should change from general content management to personalized service. For example, a library system should be able to predict what(More)
Automatic controls of multiple user devices along with intelligent web information services become one of the most important enabling technologies for ubiquitous computing. In this paper, we analyze the issues related to multi-agent and the OSGi (Open Service Gateway Initiative) service platform, which include a manual resource discovery, manual service(More)
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