Minu M Mathen

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PURPOSE To analyze the clinical presentation, microbiological profile, and treatment outcome in cases of nocardial endophthalmitis after cataract surgery. DESIGN Retrospective, observational case series. METHODS setting: Tertiary referral hospital. patients: Retrospective analysis of 24 cases of culture-proven exogenous nocardial endophthalmitis(More)
This article describes the Manitoba Cataract Waiting List Program. This program uses a centralized database to track and prioritize all patients waiting for cataract surgery. It provides an objective and reliable measure of the length of the wait, and patients on the waiting list are treated in a more equitable fashion through application of a uniform(More)
PURPOSE Discussion of four cases of congenital corneal anesthesia with varied systemic associations and modes of presentation. Classification and systemic associations of congenital corneal anesthesia along with the importance of multi-specialty evaluation of such patients. METHODS Clinical examination of all four cases and corneal sensation assessment(More)
Given the high costs of conducting a drug-response trial, researchers are now aiming to use retrospective analyses to conduct genome-wide association studies (GWAS) to identify underlying genetic contributions to drug-response variation. To prevent confounding results from a GWAS to investigate drug response, it is necessary to account for concomitant(More)
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