Mintu Halder

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Our recent report on the binding of Cochineal Red A, a food dye, with HSA and BSA at pH 7.4 has revealed that electrostatic forces is the principal cause of interaction. In that study issues relating(More)
Supramolecular and bio-supramolecular host assisted pKa shift of biologically relevant acidic guests, warfarin and coumarin 343, has been monitored using both steady-state and time resolved(More)
Formation of ion pair between charged molecule and protein can lead to interesting biochemical phenomena. We report the evolution of thermodynamics of the binding of tartrazine, a negatively charged(More)
Protein-ligand electrostatic interaction can be looked upon as ion receptor-ligand interaction, and the binding cavity of protein can be either an anion or cation receptor depending on the charge of(More)
The photophysical properties of a new distilbene fluorophore, DPDB, belonging to the conjugated polyene family is found to be well modulated with the variation of the microenvironment. Compared to(More)