Minsun Park

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One of the most significant barriers towards translational neuropsychiatry would be an unavailability of living brain tissues. Although organotypic brain tissue culture could be a useful alternative enabling observation of temporal changes induced by various drugs in living brain tissues, a proper method to establish a stable organotypic brain slice culture(More)
During endochondral ossification, a process that accounts for the majority of bone formation in vertebrates, hypertrophic chondrocytes display a greater susceptibility to apoptosis when compared to proliferating chondrocytes. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying this phenomenon remain unclear. Nkx3.2, a member of the NK class of homeoproteins, is(More)
The medical syndrome of frailty is widely recognized, yet debate remains over how best to measure it in clinical and research settings. This study reviewed the frailty-related research literature by (a) comprehensively cataloging the wide array of instruments that have been utilized to measure frailty, and (b) systematically categorizing the different(More)
Discovery of biomarkers in peripheral blood is a crucial step toward the early diagnosis and repetitive monitoring of treatment response for Alzheimer's disease (AD). Metabolomics is a promising technology that can identify unbiased biomarkers. To explore potential blood biomarkers for AD via metabolic profiling with high-resolution magic angle spinning(More)
Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) was shown to suppress atypical antipsychotic drug (AAPD)-induced weight gain. However, its mode of action has remained unidentified. We aimed to identify mechanisms underlying anti-obesity effects of ALA in mice treated with olanzapine. We compared body weight and food intake among vehicle-, olanzapine-, and olanzapine plus(More)
Small interfering RNA (siRNA) represent an interesting class of developmental nucleic acid-based therapeutics. Cationic carriers for deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA) are potential vehicles for siRNA delivery. However, in contrast to supercoiled plasmid DNA, the physical properties of siRNA molecules induces the formation of larger, loosely-packed complexes with(More)
The detection and tracking of a hand is an emerging research issue now-a-days to control the devices by hand motion. Conventional hand detection methods use color and shape information from a RGB camera. With the recent advent of the depth camera, some researchers show that they can improve the performance of hand detection by combining the color (or(More)
Aberrant telomere lengthening is an important feature of cancer cells in adults and children. In addition to somatic mutations, germline polymorphisms in telomere maintenance genes impact telomere length. Whether these telomere-associated polymorphisms affect risk of childhood malignancies remains largely unexplored. We collected genome-wide data from three(More)
Reduced glucose metabolism has been implicated as a pathophysiology of depressive disorder. Normalization of such impaired neurometabolism has been related to the therapeutic actions of antidepressant medication. However, the molecular mechanism underlying the neurometabolic actions of antidepressants has not been fully understood. Given that AMP-activated(More)
The rate of hippocampal neurogenesis declines with aging. This is partly explained by decreased neural responsiveness to various cues stimulating metabolism. AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), a pivotal enzyme regulating energy homeostasis in response to metabolic demands, showed the diminished sensitivity in peripheral tissues during aging. AMPK is also(More)