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This paper describes the design and implementation of a replicable, Internet-based negotiation server for conducting bargaining-type negotiations between enterprises involved in e-commerce and e-business. Enterprises can be buyers and sellers of products/services or participants of a complex supply chain engaged in purchasing, planning, and scheduling.(More)
A data warehouse stores information that is collected from multiple, heterogeneous information sources for the purpose of complex querying and analysis. Information in the warehouse is typically stored in the form of materialized views, which represent pre-computed portions of frequently asked queries. One of the most important tasks when designing a(More)
We introduce a new mobile transaction model applicable to decisionmaking applications over aggregate data warehoused on mobile hosts. The model allows the aggregate data to be updated in disconnection mode, while guaranteeing a very high rate of commitment on reconnection. We name such transactions High Commit Mobile Transactions, or HiCoMo. At(More)
We present a framework of cognitive network management by means of an autonomic reconfiguration scheme. We propose a network architecture that enables intelligent services to meet QoS requirements, by adding autonomous intelligence, based on reinforcement learning, to the network management agents. The management system is shown to be better able to(More)
The proliferation of wireless local area networks (WLANs) offering high data rate in hot spot area have spurred the demand for possible WLANs and third-generation (3G) cellular network integration solutions as the initiative step towards 4G systems. This paper provides a novel architecture for seamless location-aware integration of WLANs into 3G cellular(More)