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A high-power CMOS switch using a novel adaptive voltage swing distribution method in a multistack field-effect transistor (FET) scheme is proposed. The proposed adaptive voltage swing distribution method in multistack FETs is very effective in preventing unwanted channel formation with low control voltage supply in OFF-state FETs. This, in turn, increases(More)
A 33-dBm <i>P</i> 0.1-dB single-pole double-throw antenna switch is designed and implemented using a standard 0.18-mum CMOS process at 1.8 GHz. An analysis shows a relation between parasitic junction capacitors and substrate resistance for low insertion loss (IL). The power-handling capability of the switch was also investigated through the voltage dividing(More)
A high-power single-pole-double-throw (SPDT) antenna switch using a differential architecture and a multi-section impedance transformation technique is demonstrated in a standard 0.18-&#x00B5;m CMOS process. The differential architecture prevents unwanted channel formation of OFF-state Rx switch transistors by relieving the voltage swing over the Rx switch(More)
A technique to reduce power consumption of charge-pump-based antenna-switch drivers by recycling wasted charges in clock buffers of charge pumps is presented. The proposed shared-charge recycling technique allows discharging current of capacitors in the clock buffers to be shared and recycled to charge other capacitors. The clock buffers only need to charge(More)
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