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Uniformly distributed pseudo-random number generators are commonly used in certain numerical algorithms and simulations. In this article a random number generation algorithm based on the geometric properties of complex Horadam sequences was investigated. For certain parameters, the sequence exhibited uniformity in the distribution of arguments. This feature(More)
Near-infrared spectroscopy is a widely adopted technique for characterising biological tissues. The high dimensionality of spectral data, however, presents a major challenge for analysis. Here, we present a second-derivative Beer's law-based technique aimed at projecting spectral data onto a lower dimension feature space characterised by the constituents of(More)
BACKGROUND One of the main sources of error in commercial surgical navigation systems is the tracking of surgical tools. Mainstream systems typically use optical or electromagnetic tracking technologies, which exhibit accuracies of the order of 1 mm. The objective of this study was to introduce a lightweight high-precision passive coordinate measurement arm(More)
I would like to dedicate this work firstly to my parents, who have offered me unwavering support throughout my life. Without their guidance, support and discipline (particularly during my formative years) I would not be who or where I am today. Secondly to my sister, who has managed to put up with me thus far without going insane. She has acted as a(More)
The mechanical performance of biological tissues is underpinned by a complex and finely balanced structure. Central to this is collagen, the most abundant protein in our bodies, which plays a dominant role in the functioning of tissues, and also in disease. Based on the collagen meshwork of articular cartilage, we have developed a bottom-up spring-node(More)
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