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Uniformly distributed pseudo-random number generators are commonly used in certain numerical algorithms and simulations. In this article a random number generation algorithm based on the geometric properties of complex Horadam sequences was investigated. For certain parameters, the sequence exhibited uniformity in the distribution of arguments. This feature(More)
Near-infrared spectroscopy is a widely adopted technique for characterising biological tissues. The high dimensionality of spectral data, however, presents a major challenge for analysis. Here, we present a second-derivative Beer's law-based technique aimed at projecting spectral data onto a lower dimension feature space characterised by the constituents of(More)
I would like to dedicate this work firstly to my parents, who have offered me unwavering support throughout my life. Without their guidance, support and discipline (particularly during my formative years) I would not be who or where I am today. Secondly to my sister, who has managed to put up with me thus far without going insane. She has acted as a(More)
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