Minsheng Tan

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Since it is very hard for cluster-based WSN(Wireless Sensor Network) to implement efficient and secure communication either with CSMA or TDMA. In view of the existing situation, a STC-MAC protocol has been put forward, which mingled with CSMA and TDMA and brought about better bottom-layer security. On the one hand, the wireless channel allocated by TDMA in(More)
Surviving geometric attacks in image watermarking is considered to be of great importance. In the face of geometrical attacks, all shortcomings of almost all digital watermarking algorithms have been exposed. This paper presents an improved invariant wavelet that is better than the bilinear interpolation, and designs a novel blind image watermarking(More)
As so many novel network-based attacking behaviors have emerged in the Internet, it is increasingly difficult to protect the security of the network with traditional defense facilities, such as the Firewall and IDS. To solve this problem, a new multi-layers architecture of Artificial Immunity-Based Proactive Defense System (AIPDS) is put forward in this(More)
This paper represents digital watermarking is a technique which allows an individual to add hidden copyright notices or other verification messages to digital audio, video, or image signals and documents. Two types of digital watermarks may be distinguished, depending upon if the watermark seems to be visible or even cannot be seen to the rare viewer. The(More)
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