Minshan Jiang

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We have developed a non-invasive photoacoustic ophthalmoscopy (PAOM) for in vivo retinal imaging. PAOM detects the photoacoustic signal induced by pulsed laser light shined onto the retina. By using a stationary ultrasonic transducer in contact with the eyelids and scanning only the laser light across the retina, PAOM provides volumetric imaging of the(More)
We have developed an adaptive optics photoacoustic microscope (AO-PAM) for high-resolution imaging of biological tissues, especially the retina. To demonstrate the feasibility of AO-PAM we first designed the AO system to correct the wavefront errors of the illuminating light of PAM. The aberrations of the optical system delivering the illuminating light to(More)
The authors demonstrate the feasibility and advantage of spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) for single-shot ocular biometric measurement during the development of the mouse eye. A high-resolution SD-OCT system was built for single-shot imaging of the whole mouse eye in vivo. The axial resolution and imaging depth of the system are 4.5 μm(More)
We investigated the feasibility of simultaneously imaging two distinctive molecular contrasts provided by the absorbed photons in biological tissues with a single light source. The molecular contrasts are based on two physical effects induced by the absorbed photons: photoacoustics (PA) and autofluorescence (AF). In an integrated multimodal imaging system,(More)
We accomplished spectral domain optical coherence tomography and auto-fluorescence microscopy for imaging the retina with a single broadband light source centered at 480 nm. This technique is able to provide simultaneous structural imaging and lipofuscin molecular contrast of the retina. Since the two imaging modalities are provided by the same group of(More)
An auto-focus method for digital imaging systems is proposed that combines depth from focus (DFF) and improved depth from defocus (DFD). The traditional DFD method is improved to become more rapid, which achieves a fast initial focus. The defocus distance is first calculated by the improved DFD method. The result is then used as a search step in the(More)
Analysis and applications of vision correction via accommodating intraocular lens (AIOL) are presented. By Gaussian optics, analytic formulas for the accommodation rate function (M) for two-optics and three-optics systems are derived and compared with the exact numerical results. In a single-optics AIOL, typical value of M is (0.5-1.5) D∕mm, for an IOL(More)
We developed a spectral-domain visible-light optical coherence tomography (VIS-OCT) based multimodal imaging technique which can accomplish simultaneous OCT and fluorescence imaging with a single broadband light source. Phantom experiments showed that by using the simultaneously acquired OCT images as a reference, the effect of light attenuation on the(More)
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