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There are at least four U.S. patents on software wa-termarking, and an idea for further advancing the state of the art was presented in 1999 by Collberg and Thom-borsen. The new idea is to embed a watermark in dynamic data structures, thereby protecting against many program-transformation attacks. Until now there have been no reports on practical experience(More)
—Face recognition applications for airport security and surveillance can benefit from the collaborative coupling of mobile and cloud computing as they become widely available today. This paper discusses our work with the design and implementation of face recognition applications using our mobile-cloudlet-cloud architecture named MOCHA and its initial(More)
Overlay networks among cooperating hosts have recently emerged as a viable solution to several challenging problems, including multicasting, routing, content distribution, and peer-to-peer services. Application-level overlays, however, incur a performance penalty over router-level solutions. This paper quantifies and explains this performance penalty for(More)
The amount of data processed annually over the Internet has crossed the zetabyte boundary, yet this Big Data cannot be efficiently processed or stored using today's mobile devices. Parallel to this explosive growth in data, a substantial increase in mobile compute-capability and the advances in cloud computing have brought the state-of-the-art in(More)
—As servers are placed in diverse locations in networked services today, it becomes vital to direct a client's request to the best server(s) to achieve both high performance and reliability. In this distributed setting, non-negligible latency and server availability become two major concerns, especially for highly-interactive applications. Profiling(More)
ODMRP (On-Demand Multicast Routing Protocol) [6] [8] [2] is a popular multicast protocol for wireless ad hoc networks. The strengths of ODMRP are simplicity, high packet delivery ratio, and non-dependency on a specific unicast protocol. ODMRP floods a route request over the entire network to select a set of forwarding nodes for packet delivery. However, a(More)