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A linear (1 × 36) colorimetric sensor array has been integrated with a pre-oxidation technique for detection and identification of a variety of fuels and post-combustion residues. The pre-oxidation method permits the conversion of fuel vapor into more detectable species and therefore greatly enhances the sensitivity of the sensor array. The pre-oxidation(More)
A disposable preoxidation technique that dramatically improves the detection and identification of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by a colorimetric sensor array is reported. Passing a vapor stream through a tube packed with chromic acid on silica immediately before the colorimetric sensor array substantially increases the sensitivity to less-reactive(More)
in web convergence era as most of services are converged to web. In this paper, we implement continuous seamless multimedia service using HLS. In HLS, a video is truncated to fragments of the constant length; these are contained to MPEG-TS and transmitted over HTTP. Periodically requests of these fragments and playing them continuously enable streaming(More)
In this paper, we present a novel control method with clamping force estimation for an electric parking brake system. This simple control structure can be implemented at low cost as it does not require a clamping force sensor. The characteristic curve is conventionally used to estimate the clamping force through the angular displacement of the DC motor;(More)
Lysyl-tRNA synthetase (KRS) interacts with the laminin receptor (LR/RPSA) and enhances laminin-induced cell migration in cancer metastasis. In this nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)-based study, we show that the anticodon-binding domain of KRS binds directly to the C-terminal region of 37LRP, and the previously found inhibitors BC-K-01 and BC-K-YH16899(More)
Mobile automated video surveillance systems deployed in mobile environments are used to monitor and analyze numerous situations and take necessary actions in real time. These systems include various mobile nodes equipped with numerous sensors and involve application of sophisticated image and video processing algorithms. The execution of these algorithms(More)
The node selection for the migration of a mobile agent depends on the content of the referenced metadata in the naming space. The reliability of the migrated information is determined by using the operation, cooperation, and metadata of individual agent in multi-agent system. In this paper, we propose the naming service of the multi-agent that supports more(More)
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