Minrui Gao

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Electrochemical water splitting is a clean technology that can store the intermittent renewable wind and solar energy in H2 fuels. However, large-scale H2 production is greatly hindered by the sluggish oxygen evolution reaction (OER) kinetics at the anode of a water electrolyzer. Although many OER electrocatalysts have been developed to negotiate this(More)
Electrochemical water splitting to generate molecular hydrogen requires catalysts that are cheap, active, and stable, particularly for alkaline electrolyzers, where the cathodic hydrogen evolution reaction is slower in base than in acid even on platinum. Herein, we describe the synthesis of new hollow Chevrel-phase NiMo3 S4 and its alkaline hydrogen(More)
The hydrogen oxidation/evolution reactions are two of the most fundamental reactions in distributed renewable electrochemical energy conversion and storage systems. The identification of the reaction descriptor is therefore of critical importance for the rational catalyst design and development. Here we report the correlation between hydrogen(More)
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