Minqing Lin

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The quality of holes has important influence on the mechanical strength, assembly quality and life of aircraft, and inferior quality holes may even cause airplane crash and casualties. The perpendicular accuracy of holes during drilling is crucial one of all the factors influencing the quality of holes. In order to improve the perpendicular accuracy during(More)
The low accuracy of Autonomous Drilling Robot System (ADRS) has precluded their usage in aircraft assembly. Aiming at improving the accuracy of ADRS, three efforts are made in this paper. Firstly, a novel surface normal measurement and attitude adjusting method are proposed to guarantee the perpendicularity of holes. Secondly, an improvement compensation(More)
The trajectory tracking control problem of nonholonomic mobile robots is investigated in the paper. In order to match well the real trajectory and the referenced one which is set in advance, a novel control method is designed. Firstly, velocity and angular velocity of the mobile robot is obtained by kinematic control law using the attitude error. Then the(More)
In order to realize automatic aircrafts spraying, it is necessary to improve the positioning accuracy of spraying robot, which has received much attention with the increasing demands for robotic automation. This paper studies accuracy compensation of a spraying robot with six degrees of freedom (DOF). First, Denavit-Hartenberg (D-H) matrix method is(More)
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