Minqiang Zhang

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BACKGROUND Depression in late life is an important public health problem in developing countries. It is timely to investigate stability and transition patterns of depressive symptom subtypes. METHODS Longitudinal data were used from the China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study (CHARLS). A total of 853 women and 930 men aged 60-96 years were(More)
Few studies examining the link between personality and alcohol use have adopted a comprehensive modeling framework to take into account individuals' profiles across multiple personality traits. In this study, latent profile analysis (LPA) was applied to a national sample of young adults in the United States to identify subgroups defined by their profiles of(More)
Several approaches are available for estimating the relationship of latent class membership to distal outcomes in latent profile analysis (LPA). A three-step approach is commonly used, but has problems with estimation bias and confidence interval coverage. Proposed improvements include the correction method of Bolck, Croon, and Hagenaars (BCH; 2004),(More)
The Circumplex Scales of Interpersonal Values (CSIV) is a 64-item self-report measure of goals from each octant of the interpersonal circumplex. We used item response theory methods to compare whether dominance models or ideal point models best described how people respond to CSIV items. Specifically, we fit a polytomous dominance model called the(More)
The University Personality Inventory, a mental health instrument for college students, is frequently used for screening in China. However, its unidimensionality has been questioned. This study examined its dimensions to provide more information about the specific mental problems for students at risk. Four subsamples were randomly created from a sample (N =(More)
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