Minqiang Huang

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Visual brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are not suitable for people who cannot reliably maintain their eye gaze. Considering that this group usually maintains audition, an auditory based BCI may be a good choice for them. In this paper, we explore two auditory patterns: (1) a pattern utilizing symmetrical spatial cues with multiple frequency beeps [called(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore a new method of treating serious tibiofibula comminuted fracture by using three-dimensional (3-D) printing personalized external fixator. METHODS In April 2015, a male patient (aged 18 years with a height of 171 cm and a weight of 67 kg) with left tibiofibula comminuted fracture was included in the study. Computer-assisted reduction(More)
Prolactinomas account for ∼40% of all pituitary adenomas and are important causes of infertility and gonadal dysfunction. In general, most prolactinomas are treated medically with dopaminergic agonists, while surgery is reserved for patients intolerant or nonresponsive to these medications. The aim of this study was to carry out a comparative analysis of(More)
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