Minoti Hiremath

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Canonical Wnt/beta-catenin signaling regulates stem/progenitor cells and, when perturbed, induces many human cancers. A significant proportion of human breast cancer is associated with loss of secreted Wnt antagonists and mice expressing MMTV-Wnt1 and MMTV-DeltaN89beta-catenin develop mammary adenocarcinomas. Many studies have assumed these mouse models of(More)
PTHrP is necessary for the formation of the embryonic mammary gland and, in its absence, the embryonic mammary bud fails to form the neonatal duct system. In addition, PTHrP is produced by the breast during lactation and contributes to the regulation of maternal calcium homeostasis during milk production. In this study, we examined the role of PTHrP during(More)
Latent TGFβ binding proteins (LTBPs) govern TGFβ presentation and activation and are important for elastogenesis. Although TGFβ is well-known as a tumor suppressor and metastasis promoter, and LTBP1 is elevated in two distinct breast cancer metastasis signatures, LTBPs have not been studied in the normal mammary gland. To address this we have examined Ltbp1(More)
CoVE is a novel, scalable, interactive tool that can be used to visualize and manage large colonies of laboratory animals. Effective management of large colonies of animals with multiple individual attributes and complicated breeding schemes represents a significant data management challenge in the biological sciences. Currently available software either(More)
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