Minothi Parulekar

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We describe methods for rapid sequencing of the entire human mitochondrial genome (mtgenome), which involve long-range PCR for specific amplification of the mtgenome, pyrosequencing, quantitative mapping of sequence reads to identify sequence variants and heteroplasmy, as well as de novo sequence assembly. These methods have been used to study 40 publicly(More)
Administration of estradiol to ovariectomized rats induced new synthesis of uterine hexokinase which was prevented by actinomycin D, 5-fluorouracil, cycloheximide, or ethionine. The estradiol-induced increase in uterine hexokinase activity was detectable as early as 4 hours. The increase in enzyme activity was dependent upon the dose of the hormone. The(More)
A homogenate of purified chromaffin cells was fractionated, after removal of the nuclear fraction, by sucrose density gradient ultracentrifugation. The presence and subcellular localization of low molecular mass GTP-binding proteins was explored by incubation of blots of proteins from different subcellular fractions with [alpha-32P]GTP in the presence of(More)
Daily, intraperitoneal administration of either vanadium pentoxide (VP) or sodium vanadate (NaV) at a dose of 1 mg/kg for 14 days produced no marked change in pulmonary protein, glycogen and phospholipid (PL) levels of adult male rats. Increasing the VP dose to 4 mg/kg decreased lung PL content, while an equivalent NaV dose elevated tissue glycogen.(More)