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The use of laparoscopy for liver surgery is increasing rapidly. The Second International Consensus Conference on Laparoscopic Liver Resections (LLR) was held in Morioka, Japan, from October 4 to 6, 2014 to evaluate the current status of laparoscopic liver surgery and to provide recommendations to aid its future development. Seventeen questions were(More)
At this time, the only definitive treatment of hepatic failure is liver transplantation. However, transplantation has been limited by the severely limited supply of human donor livers. Alternatively, a regenerative medicine approach has been recently proposed in rodents that describe the production of three-dimensional whole-organ scaffolds for assembly of(More)
To evaluate whether mutations in the human multidrug resistance (MDR)-1 gene correlate with placental P-glycoprotein (PGP) expression, we sequenced the MDR-1 cDNA and measured PGP expression by Western blotting in 100 placentas obtained from Japanese women. Nine single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were observed with an allelic frequency of 0.005 to(More)
BACKGROUND Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) (also known as scatter factor (SF)) is a heterodimeric protein that is the most potent known complete mitogen for hepatocytes in culture. HGF is a mitogen for many epithelial cells including hepatocytes, kidney tubular epithelial cells, mammary epithelial cells, keratinocytes, etc. The protein encoded by the(More)
Early on, laparoscopic liver resection (LLR) was limited to partial resection, but major LLR is no longer rare. A difficulty scoring system is required to guide surgeons in advancing from simple to highly technical laparoscopic resections. Subjects were 90 patients who had undergone pure LLR at three medical institutions (30 patients/institution) from(More)
The superimposition of male sex organs (penis and vas deferens) in a female gastropod, called imposex, is widely attributed to the exposure to tributyltin (TBT) compounds, used world-wide in antifouling paints for ships. It has been hypothesized that the TBT-induced imposex is mediated by an increasing androgen level relative to the estrogen level, namely a(More)
Grading of difficulty is needed for laparoscopic liver resection (LLR). Indications for LLR are expanding worldwide from minor to major resections, particularly in institutions having surgeons with advanced skills. If the degrees of surgical difficulty were defined, it would serve as a useful guide when introducing LLR and stepping up to the more advanced(More)
The authors evaluated a modified Lapidus technique for 21 rheumatoid hallux valgus deformities. The technique corrects the deformity by performing arthrodesis of the first tarsometatarsal joint and preservation of the first metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint. The authors clinically studied patients' subjective improvement of pain and footwear comfort, as well(More)
PURPOSE To report a case of zoster sine herpete with bilateral ocular involvement. METHOD Case report. RESULTS A 65-year-old man showed bilateral iridocyclitis with sectoral iris atrophy and elevated intraocular pressure unresponsive to steroid treatment. No cutaneous eruption was manifest on the forehead. A target region of varicella-zoster virus DNA(More)
Vitronectin is a multifunctional glycoprotein present in the extracellular matrix and plasma. Changes in rat vitronectin were studied during liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy. Carbohydrate concentrations of vitronectin decreased to 2/3 of sham-operated rats at 24 h after partial hepatectomy. Carbohydrate composition and lectin reactivity(More)