Minoru Sasaki

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The thermodynamic parameters (delta H degree, delta S degree, and delta G degree 37) for 16 nearest-neighbor sets and one initiation factor are presented here in order to predict stability of RNA/DNA hybrid duplexes. To determine the nearest-neighbor parameters, thermodynamics for 68 different hybrid sequences (136 single-stranded oligonucleotides) with(More)
This paper presents feedforward, feedback and two-degree-of-freedom control applied to an Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite (IPMC) actuator. It presents a high potential for development of miniature robots and biomedical devices and artificial muscles. We have reported in the last few years that dehydration treatment improves the electrical controllability of(More)
Biosignals will play an important role in building communication between machines and humans. One of the types of biosignals that is widely used in neuroscience are electrooculography (EOG) signals. An EOG has a linear relationship with eye movement displacement. Experiments were performed to construct a gaze motion tracking method indicated by robot(More)
Motor learning in the context of arm reaching movements has been frequently investigated using the paradigm of force-field learning. It has been recently shown that changes to somatosensory perception are likewise associated with motor learning. Changes in perceptual function may be the reason that when the perturbation is removed following motor learning,(More)
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