Minoru Ogawa

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It is known that p16(INK4) tumor suppressor gene expression in colon cancer cells is repressed by methylation at the CpG island of promoter, but in vivo silencing of p16 gene is not fully understood. Some studies showed that primary colorectal cancer (CRC) tissues often overexpress the p16 protein, while others showed the high incidence of p16 methylation.(More)
We examined the RNA content of the gene encoding angiopoietin (Ang)-2, a modifier of angiogenesis, in hepatic metastases of colorectal cancer (CRC) to explore the role of this protein in neovascularization of metastatic foci. Metastatic CRC exhibited notable blood flow and tumor vessel formation at tumor frontiers. Reverse-transcription polymerase chain(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM One of the major causes of pain during colonoscopy is looping of the instrument during insertion through the sigmoid colon, which causes discomfort by stretching the mesentery. There are many studies in colonoscope techniques, but they have not been assessed objectively with respect to colonoscope passage through the sigmoid colon without(More)
A 19-month-old girl was admitted to Osaka University Hospital in 1978 because of cyanosis, heart murmur, and recurrent infections . She had had repeated upper respiratory tract infections since the age of five months and was diagnosed as having granulocytopenia at ten months of age . A chest radiogram showed dextrocardia and decreased pulmonary vascularity(More)
The case of a 2-year-old boy with tetralogy of Fallot and a complete double aortic arch (both arches patent) is reported. The left dominant aortic arch ran retroesophageally to the right and joined with the right smaller arch to form the descending thoracic aorta on the right side. We employed a right thoracotomy and performed a division of the right(More)
Angiogenesis is a compensatory mechanism that enables malignant tumors to survive in an oxygen-deficient environment. To test our hypothesis that hypoxia stimulates the production of angiopoietin-2 (Ang-2) in colorectal cancer (CRC), we investigated the expression of Ang-2 in three cultured CRC cell lines, and in specimens from 11 CRC metastatic liver(More)
The breath hydrogen test (BHT) was adapted for use in young infants and children. The diagnostic criterion of sugar malabsorption in the BHT was determined by oral administration of 0 5 g/kg of unabsorbable sugar (lactulose) to 21 healthy infants and children. A maximum increase in breath hydrogen >0 05 ml/min per m2 was observed in all subjects. A good(More)