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To date, the characteristics of p53 gene mutations in lung cancer have been extensively investigated. However, current estimates of p53 alterations are inaccurate, since most investigators have limited their analyses to exons 5 to 8 of the p53 gene. We examined 52 lung carcinoma cell lines and 106 primary non-small cell lung carcinomas (NSCLC) for mutations(More)
The association of p53 abnormalities with the prognosis of patients with non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) has been extensively investigated to date, however, this association is still controversial. Therefore, we investigated the prognostic significance of p53 mutations through exons 2 to 11 and p53 protein expression in 103 cases of stage I NSCLC. p53(More)
This paper discusses courseware authoring for CALAT, a Web-based intelligent CAI system, mainly from the standpoints of courseware design methods and authoring tools, then presents the results of application to courseware in the telecommunications service field. A feature of an intelligent CAI system is its ability to adapt to individual learners,(More)
The Vertical Boat (VB) method has an advantage in the manufacture of large diameter GaAs substrates because of the low dislocation density and the small residual strain. The electrical characterization of devices fabricated on VB GaAs substrates have been demonstrated in this work. The VB substrate shows the same or better properties compared with the LEC(More)
In this work we investigate the mechanism of slip defect generation, using a simple heat flow simulation during an MBE process, a wafer heating apparatus, and a thermoelastic analysis from a crystallographic viewpoint. We find that the slip defect pattern predicted from the analysis agrees with the experiment and confirm that slip defects are prone to occur(More)
A chemical robot capable of performing enzymatic reactions and extraction processes of DNA has been developed. The basic functions of this robot include handling of plastic tubes with caps, micropipetting, mixing, microcentrifuging and incubating. As a result, almost all of the pre-electrophoresis steps can be carried out. In addition, because these(More)
Single-stranded conformational polymorphism (SSCP) analysis is useful for mutation detection and polymorphism identification. To realize high-throughput SSCP analysis using a high-intensity electric field, the gel temperature must be well-controlled. We have developed an electrophoretic system having a pair of glass plates with an efficient(More)
The vertical boat (VB) method has advantages in the growth of substrates for epitaxial devices. Low residual strain and low dislocation four inch GaAs crystals are manufactured with good reproducibility. Low residual strain reduces slip line occurrence and low dislocation density enables growth of low defects in epitaxial layers. FETs fabricated on carbon(More)
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