Minoru Ikebe

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Recently, Cloud computing has emerged as a new computing paradigm on the Internet. Cloud computing facilitates flexible and efficient computer resource management via virtualization technologies at anytime and from anywhere, so that users can add and/or delete IT resources. Users can set up and boot the required resources and they have to pay only for the(More)
We have been developing an anomaly detection system (ADS) for detecting malicious communication from the Internet to our campus network. We implement two methods for blocking malicious communications. However, these blocking methods have some problems. Therefore, we propose a new method for blocking malicious communications using OpenFlow technology. In(More)
The data-intensive computing generates a huge number of data in wide area network. The DataGrid technology tries to manage such distributed data on the Internet to provide the quick and efficient data search/access mechanism. The difficulties of the data access on DataGrid systems is caused from the differences in the data management manner and policy among(More)
In recent years, simulation using computer systems has been of increasing importance in the life sciences. We have developed a system called "Rokky-G" that facilitates a protein structure prediction strategy called "Rokky" on Grid systems. Rokky-G provides the framework of protein structure prediction on the Grid. In this paper we discuss the architecture(More)
An enormous amount of log data is generated by servers and other devices on the network, and server/network administrators analyze the logs to investigate anomalous communications or troubleshoot. However, server/network management tasks increase in volume and complexity, resulting in greater burden on the administrator. In this paper, we propose a(More)
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