Minoru Haga

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A newly developed automated urinary flow cytometer allows clear discrimination of erythrocytes from other solid components of urine. In this study, the normal range of the urinary erythrocyte count and the source of urinary erythrocytes in healthy individuals were investigated using this analyzer. For the diagnosis of the source of the urinary erythrocytes,(More)
Functional maturation of the small intestine occurs during the weaning period in rats. It is known that this development is facilitated by glucocorticoid. However, the effect of glucocorticoid on morphological development of small intestine has yet to be clarified. The present study evaluated the morphological development and cell proliferation of the small(More)
There is increasing interest in the examination of urine sediment to differentiate between glomerular and non-glomerular hematuria. A newly developed automated urinary sediment analyzer was used for this purpose. It clearly recognized red blood cells, white blood cells, epithelial cells, bacteria and crystals by their cell size and fluorescent intensity.(More)
Feeding behavior is regulated by feeding-related peptides in the hypothalamus. The neurons of the arcuate nucleus (ARC), which produces feeding-related peptides, develop and function by three weeks of age in rodents. Because rodents are weaned at three weeks, we studied whether the process of weaning is involved in the development of ARC neurons using(More)
Contamination of spices with pathogens has been reported worldwide, and Salmonella might result in foodborne infections. In this study, we investigated the survival of Salmonella in black pepper and red pepper, and the growth of the surviving Salmonella in cooked food. Salmonella Enteritidis, Salmonella Weltevreden and Salmonella Senftenberg were inoculated(More)
diseases 0.8 to 2gr . per day for about 2 weeks. After normalization of their liver function tests, they were challenged with TAOM 1 gr. and 2 gr. respectively, which were followed with the elevations of serum alkali-phosphatase level, serum GOT, GPT markedly and icteric index of slight degree. Livers increased in size slightly and they developed temporary(More)
Although diarrhea or constipation is the most common symptom in the digestive tract disorders, the pathophysiology is very difficult to make out clear. Particularly, the main subject of this symposium, chronic diarrhea develops commonly recurring diarrhea condition over a period of months or years, and requires many tests and much effort to diagnose it. And(More)